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The MULTISYSTEM is a battery charger able to recharge any kind of battery (both traction and starting, both sealed and lead acid) .
It is easily programmable through the keyboard and the display.
The operator sets three charging cycle parameters (“IU” cycle):

  • maximum battery voltage during the charging phase
  • constant current
  • time (max. 50 hours)

It offers great flexibility advantages:

  • it is possible to “refresh” full pallets, connecting them in series or in parallel, according to customer preferences
  • it is possible to recharge 6V, 8V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 40V, 48V batteries and any intermediate voltage value
  • it is possible to use it as a replacement for other battery chargers (KEYBOARD BLOCK function)
  • it can be easily carried to the customer in order to try to recover “sulphated” batteries

Single-phase supply:

  • correct charge level even when supply voltage fluctuates from 185V to 265V; frequency 50/60Hz

Two models are available:

  • code: PSW.MS.1
  • - programmable voltage: from 6V to 32V
  • - programmable constant current: from 3A to 40A
  • code: PSW.MS.2
  • - programmable voltage: from 12V to 64V
  • - programmable constant current: from 3A to 30A

Dimensions: 295 x 220 x h 110 mm
Weight: 4,5 kg
It is supplied with battery connection-pliers and instruction handbook with hints on how to use it.


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