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Mori Raddrizzatori S.r.l. is specialized in the design and in the manufacturing of automatic battery chargers high and low frequency, industrial and marine.

The Company deals with the design of each system in all its components:

  • Parts HW power
  • SW development
  • Development of standard and custom profiles charge
  • Design of transformers in both high and low frequency

Mori Raddrizzatori S.r.l deals with the manufacture, distribution and service of all battery charger types. The Company moves flexibly between technological research and careful craftsmanship.

Tests in salt spray

Climatic chamber

Anechoic chamber

Burn in

The combination of the generational wealth of experience and high technical expertise, continually updated, has led to an industrial structure of excellence: dynamic, young, reliable, keeping in touch with market needs and moving forward with the future.

Activities, spread over an operational area of 5000 square meters, are characterized by a deep vertical process: all products are designed and manufactured almost entirely in the Company. The control system of management starts from the design and continues until the entire production sequence, ensuring high standards. The quality management system has been constantly monitored since 1996, currently the Company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001.

Mori Raddrizzatori S.r.l. has reached high levels in its sector; the Company has full independence in carrying out the various regulatory testing. All products are made in-house, in its own laboratories:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility tests, thanks to the anechoic chamber
  • Thermal and environmental testing carried out in their own climatic chamber
  • Evidence of stress network, performed with its wave generator
  • Tests in salt spray, thanks to machine specific tests on marine equipment

All this allows Mori Raddrizzatori S.r.l. to ensure a high degree of production flexibility, with the possibility of creating personalized products, to satisfy the customer. The sensitivity of the technology finds expression in the permanent education and information of technicians and customers through customized training at various levels, organized in-house or at the customer's.

Next to Mori Raddrizzatori S.r.l. there is U.B.S Union Battery Service Company S.r.l an efficient national and international sales network which works in the world of batteries and related applications. The aim of Union Battery Service S.r.l. is providing unique products of high quality and, where necessary, timely advice, fully qualified.

The widespread distribution organization and prompt delivery of its products are the standing point of U.B.S Union Battery Service S.r.l.


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